Who we are ?

After many trips to the continent of Europe and in particular in the countries of the East, I thought the opportunities to make new discoveries were likely to be more rare and difficult … unless you go much further.

Yet there is still a completely unknown and located only about 2 or 3  hours by plane from all  the european capitals : Albania !

So we chose to go visit this country with,  it is true, some doubts and fears because of bad things that can sometimes be heard.

But very quickly , we realized that most of our preconceptions were totally unfounded and it was even a real crush on this little country preserved.

We wanted to create this site to share our experience with all the French and european people who are searching new holiday destinations far away from traditional tour operators . For families, couples and groups of friends wishing to spend a holiday in a very comfortable and at a reasonable  price , we also propose an amazing flat in the heart of the Albanian Riviera in the city of Saranda (just in front the island of Corfu ) for exotic holiday in a country where the password is hospitality.

See you soon … in Albania ?