Visits around Saranda

You’ve chosen to spend your w holiday week in Saranda and ask yourself what you will be able to visit … outside tan sessions of course. So here are some ideas for activities as well as the most beautiful things to discover during your stay.

For postcards and lovers of idleness …

The beaches are endless and all very beautiful as preserved. Here are some already located near Saranda and easily accessible.

Kakome Bay, le praradis en Albanie

Kakome Bay, the paradise in Albania

Kakome Bay is located about 20 km from Saranda Northbound : The beach is huge, absolutely gorgeous and forms an arc of large arc with the island of Corfu in the background .

Ksamil is a small village close to Saranda (15 km) and also has a beautiful beach surrounded by small islands accessible to swim in the turquoise water. The orange-red stone and olive remember certain region of « Cap Esterel » in France .

On the return between Saranda and Ksamili you can also make a last step to the beach Manastiri with water … crystal . ( Parking at Hotel Kristal to access the beach).

The Blue ( Syri Kalter I ) Eye: the lagoon is so named because of its turquoise color and its shades of color of the iris of an eye … 45 meters deep! This place has remained still very wild and has long been reserved for Communist and therefore ordered the Albanian population elite. The water is incredibly clear and if you really hot and you want to see a little more closely , you can always take a dip .. the water is 10 degrees .. Just perfect after a return of a walk ! Possibility of on-site dining.

To return tanned and cultivated …

Le château de Lekures sur les hauteurs de Saranda

Castle Lekures on the heights of Saranda

Lekures Castle which dates from the sixteenth century is located on the hills of Saranda and offers panoramic views of the Ionian Sea and the island of Corfu. Its dominant position of this castle was a strategic point to protect the city from invasions : on one side the sea and the other a large conducive to the cultivation and rearing tray. The castle has a beautiful terrace and a restaurant. It is accessible by car or on foot if you avoid the hot weather . Berlusconi would often frequented this place during these trips in Albania.

Visit the site of Butrint : It is a natural park that is home to many listed species : seals, turtles and various birds. The site is by the sea , walks are easy and accessible to all. For the lazy, boat tours are also organized.

The other part of the site consists of archaeological ruins from -300 BC and declared World Heritage by UNESCO . Byzantine basilica is one of the largest in the world behind that of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. The entrance to the archaeological site costs € 5.

For fun

Besides the many places for a night out (see the special section on this website ) , Saranda also offers you the opportunity to practice many activities: boat trips , jet skiing, diving and other water activities. We will do a more detailed section on the subject.

And yet many things to discover

The island of Corfu is located just in front of Saranda and it is just 30 minutes by high-speed boat . There are several daily departures from the port of Saranda .

The emerald island as it is called , is very well preserved . Today Greek island, it was once under the Italian system , Turkish, American … and has been the subject of much envy . The old town listed as UNESCO heritage is visited for its amazingly well preserved fortifications as well as for its architecture , its colors … and many shops for shopaholics.

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