Invest in Albania

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Because we want to share our experience as French who have invested abroad, we will propose soon in this section are some tips if you also want to take the plunge. Our site aims to present rivieralbania the Albanian Riviera unknown to most of you .. but for how long? On riviera albania we share our experience and we invite you to do the same if you wish. In fact, we met many Swedish, Dutch, Russian, investing over there in a second home … but no French at the moment.

Here are a few reasons already / motivations to invest in Albania or buy an apartment:

– A country located only 2 hours away by plane. Even if flights are currently exclusively to the capital and then he need to drive this road infrastructure have improved tremendously. If there are still 2 years it was 6am to connect Tirana to Saranda, now it takes only 4 hours. In summer you can even go directly to Corfu and connecting Saranda by boat, there are many routes every day. In this case you will need only 30 minutes. Also note an airport project around Saranda …

– Enjoy sunshine 300 days of sunshine a year .. and crystal clear sea, ideal for swimming without any danger. Certainly it is not the suitable country for surfers, bathers against by divers, boaters will love !!

– An extremely attractive cost of living: around 7 euros for a full menu at the restaurant !! the price is unbeatable .. and what’s more it’s good .. !! (See gastronomy). Hand hygiene .. no worries you will be amazed to see the cleanliness and sanitary …

– The hospitality of Albanian: again, this is certainly one of the most hospitable people of Europe … Long closed to communism, people always sermon very proud to welcome you to discover the country. As for scams … we have never had this experience yet in our first trips we always checked restaurant bills …

– Finally, and this is the most important point, listed property, rates are still relatively low .. although every year we see a further increase. However, the cases can be quickly go if we look a little more on the market. Favorite investment, rental investment, speculative investment? You choose … Needless to say that government taxes are unparalleled compared to France.

In July, Capital aired a story on 28 minutes Albania: real estate, recreation, holidays and beautiful beaches … We have participated in the filming to share our experience on our investment in property in Albania.

If you also want to invest in Albania, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Next year, we will also propose to the French who have an apartment in Albania the opportunity to highlight their locations on our website. We will also publish the comments of those who wish to share their experience on the site.