How to go to Albania

The seaside town of Saranda is located south of Albania, a few dozen kilometers from the Greek border and directly opposite the island of Corfu.

To access, several options are available to you. If you want to book the apartment, we can help you find the best mode of transport depending on your point of departure (please tell us when booking).

By plane


Arrival in Tirana (the only airport in the country): Airport Nënë Tereza (Mother Teresa). Tirana is the capital of Albania and is located to the north.

Two options are then available to you to join Saranda

  • Itinéraire 1 : Take the road that passes in part by the interior (after Vlorë management Gjirokaster): this is the fastest. It takes between 4 and 5 hours. The road is very large and very comfortable new part
  • Itinéraire 2 : Take the coast from Vlora: the road is really nice, but it’s a bit longer. (1 good hour longer). Here too the road conditions is very correct

Our advice : book a car before your stay: there are 3 agencies at the airport. Upon arrival at Tirana airport, get your car (it’s quick and the airport is not very large) and join Saranda directly by the Route 1. On return, take the time to browse the road coast (route 2) starting in the early morning. If your flight is in the evening it’s perfect, or you can spend an evening in Tirana to discover the city and make your last purchases (we can recommend some great hotels on the capital).

Arrival in Corfu : many routes (especially with lowcosts companies) bloom every summer to connect the destination. Once in Corfu, it’ll just take one of the boats connecting Saranda. It takes 30 minutes by fast boat crossings. Once at the port of Saranda, you can take a taxi to the apartment (2 € running): the apartment is about 1.5 km from the port.

To cross by boat you can consult this company:

For airlines: et
There are direct Corfu Paris from 04 July to 30 August.

Tip : From Milan to reach Tirana. There are direct flights every day and it takes the € 130 to /. An unbeatable price! Companies are Air One and Blue Express. Travel Time: 1:50 flight.


logo-bateauArrivée à Durres ou Vlore :

Arrival at Durres and Vlore: several Italian cities are connected daily to Albania. You can then rent a car from these cities to join Saranda. The Italian cities that allow to reach Italy by boat are Brindisi and Bari.

Arrival at Igoumenista (Greece): this is a major port (3rd from Greece) located near the Greek and Albanian border. The port is 50 km from Saranda and connects the Italian cities of Ancona, Trieste, Venice and Bari.

For more information : et

By car


If you want to come to Albania by car or camper, it’s entirely possible. If the roads of northern Albania are all very good, the quality of the road network has improved considerably. Large investments and work has begun and if you stay on the main roads there is no problem. For secondary roads, it is better to have an all-terrain vehicle to avoid any unpleasant surprises. But really the network is improving day by day. Allow all the same card as the data is not always clearly indicated. Finally the road at night is always more daring, especially as networks are still poorly lit at night. We advise you to travel by day.

Note that the apartment that we propose has an underground parking located just under the building. This parking will be very helpful for your personal or rental vehicle. Note also that summer in Saranda it is often very difficult to find a place in the city center where the apartment is located.