Albanian Riviera

Albanian Riviera seems to be « French riviera »

If the  » French Riviera  » is known to many foreign tourists, the Albanian Riviera is it still perfectly unknown and yet has all the assets to dream vacationers looking for authenticity, relaxation and beautiful beaches . Recall that this country has long been under communist footprint and has recently opened to tourism. Besides the hospitality and generosity of Albanian is absolutely amazing! Do not hesitate to discuss with them, most speak English and otherwise the gestures and smiles will do the rest …

The Albanian coast is 400 km from the Adriatic Sea (north ) to the Ionian Sea (to the south). The Albanian Riviera extends a hundred kilometers between Vlora and Saranda a road, sometimes dizzying along this coast is still wild and preserved particularly well to dive into the sea (After the pass Llogara towards Saranda). This area is very famous in Albania for its fascinating beaches and turquoise water.

Ksamil, albanian riviera

Many creeks detour olive groves , orange and lemon trees, welcome swimmers from the month of May. Among the beaches views we can cite those Dhërrmi , Jali , Himara , Borsh , Saranda and Ksamili.

Villages regularly overlook the beaches. Most of them are sadly dilapidated for now , but we bet they will one day be restored to finally express their full potential.

A car is essential to visit at your leisure the many beaches and coves. The seabed is beautiful and it is possible to practice diving.

Other beaches are accessible only by boat, but there also are organized excursions by boat in the summer period .

une plage à quelques kilomètres de Saranda encore bien cachée...

Beach near Saranda

Présentation en vidéo de la riviera albanaise et plus particulièrement de Saranda