The Albanian gastronomy

The Albanian cuisine is heavily influenced by Western flavors (Greek and Italian) and East (Turkey and the Balkans), where its variety.

Vous ne rêvez pas, vous êtes en Albanie !

You don’t dream, you are in Albania !

Side meat, you will be enchanted by the grill which together with the most soups meals : lamb and mutton are very present. To accompany if it offers fries , know they are « home. »

Side vegetables, it is a Mediterranean country and you will not be disappointed : tomatoes , eggplant , cabbage, peppers and zucchini are most consumed in the country, most often cooked in earthenware pots . Naturally it comes to fresh produce, because agriculture is very present in this country. The salads entries with vegetables, feta ( cheese ) and olives are very popular , especially in summer . There are many olive trees and oil is really excellent . Moreover, you will find many roadside stalls to buy oil directly from producers and honey or royal jelly.

Elles ressemblent aux salades grecques: Feta et olives de premiers choix.. avec verre de blanc à déguster bien frais

Fish side , again you will be spoiled including Saranda . Indeed, in regions watered by rivers or lakes , fish are much tasted in restaurants. Conversely small board in other areas fish are offered at too high a price. The fish are very good, and you will enjoy along with a squeeze of lemon in a restaurant by the sea Finally , mussels are a specialty of the region of Saranda which has many farms (especially between Saranda and Ksamili ) .

Un plat avec poissons et poulpe.. délicieux !

Dairy products are almost all milk sheep . The homemade jams and honey perfect accompaniment to yogurt . Cheeses ( including feta ) regularly enliven your dishes.

The desserts are very uncommon and usually the meal will end with a plate of fresh fruit ( melons , yellow melons , figs, … ) . Meals are often very rich , these fruits are timely ! However there is still very good pastries found in the Balkan region .

Drinks: there many wines , including cabernet , merlot and pinot noir. The Mediterranean climate allows the cultivation of grapes and you can find very good local wine production. Naturally beer consumption is widespread , as very refreshing and of course raki ( alcoholic drink made ​​from coffee ) , as in Greece , is widely eaten .

Hint : Do not forget the traditional « Gezuar »

The prices are very affordable . It takes 5 € for a meal with a TV and € 10 for a full meal (very full) . Drinks : 1 € for a beer and about € 5 for a bottle of wine.

Our favorite : the restaurant Taverna peshkatari ( Koca ) located in Saranda in a little touristy part around the harbor. (not the small fishing port situated on the promenade ): If the setting of this restaurant is relatively simple, it is very popular with the locals who picks up the first fish freshness . The octopus is a treat!

Un petit déjeuner sur la terrasse de l'appartement

Un petit déjeuner sur la terrasse de l’appartement