5 things to do in Albania

Discover the beaches of the Albanian Riviera

Durres to Saranda is approximately 150 kilometers of coastline still preserved with countless beaches with turquoise water. Some of them will be accessible only by boat or jet ski and other price a stroll in the olive groves. Difficult to name each place but do not miss or Himara Dhermi : sandy beach and picturesque villages are a must.


The capital of Albania is a little stop destination if you arrive by plane . The city itself does not present a great interest for the visit. However if you need to spend an evening while waiting for your flight , we recommend you to take a ride in the lively neighborhood block (street Ismail Qemalii ): this is the trendy district of the capital where all the gilded youth likes to be for a drink or party . Real fashion show, you will surely be impressed by the parade of big cars (mostly German ) and their young drivers. Some colored facades and trompe l’oeil are also the reputation of the city and its buildings.

Gijokastra (pronounced Gjirokäster)

This city in southern Albania is listed since 2005 on the list of World Heritage of UNESCO. If you join Saranda by land you will pass by this city , and stopping to visit the citadel. Warning the part you cross by car is really not pretty …

The interest lies in the old town with its steep streets . This ancient city is very well preserved and including  » Kule  » Turkey : name of tower houses which rise slope in older neighborhoods .


Nicknamed the city of thousand windows , it is also the oldest city in Albania. Gijokastra as it was included in the UNESCO heritage in 2008. The fortress with its cobbled streets is fairly well preserved and offers a beautiful view over the valley. A small cafe at the top of the citadel will quench your thirst on a terrace , next to the Red Mosque .

Berat, la ville aux milles fenêtres

Berat, the city of thousand windows


Also the heritage of UNESCO since 1992, the site is about twenty kilometers from Saranda . This ancient Greco- Roman city houses an archaeological site of exception ( Roman baths, amphitheater , basilica of the sixth century ..) and a protected lake surrounded by wildlife and rich flora . The site is very good for a beautiful bike rides.